Have you ever wondered if there is MORE TO LIFE than what you HAVE? That there’s something BIGGER out there waiting for you? or you have a BURNING DESIRE to inspire and make an impact in your community?  That was me  back in 2017. I was working in my career field as a Massage Therapist and running my small massage therapy spa. I had achieved the goal I had set for my self “ To own a Massage Therapy Clinic after School.” As an Outsider looking in, my life looked pretty good, my parents were proud of me, but I was empty inside. It drove me nuts waking up each morning knowing that I will be indoors all day, 7 days a week working 14 hours a day, sometimes more. This was not the way I wanted to spend the rest of my life.

In 2018, I read a book that changed my life called; Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill ( read it if you haven’t ). After reading that book  my mind and vision to what was possible completely opened up  and I started to think very differently about what other possibilities are out there. I wish I would have read that book back while still in school, but of course, that wouldn’t happen because the school system is rigged… unfortunately, we are taught to be employees and  very little about buying, opening and running a business.  My quest began in 2018 to search for the Perfect Opportunity. In recent years, scientists have proven that “the things we think about often tend to happen sooner.”  So put that to a test. I was focusing on finding that perfect opportunity that will help me reach my purpose in life.

In September of 2018, one of my friends invited me to a small meeting where I came across the Network Marketing universe. There was a Laptop presentation set up in the living room. To be honest,  I didn’t know what I was walking into, but her excitement told me this is something that I didn’t want to miss.

After seeing a short video (‘which at that moment might as well been in french’), and a short powerpoint presentation, my excitement grew bigger. I recall the presenter saying that he was  earning $6,500 a week within the first year and was currently making over $500,000 a year and it took them less than 5 years to get there working Part-time, I grabbed the paperwork and started filling it out fast.  I’m not kidding. I thought if these crazy people are making that kind of money and I’m slaving away working 14 hours a day and I’ve been working for 4 years doing the same thing making less than 1/5 of that….I’m in!


In January 2019 I started looking for ways to grow my team and share those opportunities online. I needed a way that I could run my business anywhere and anytime. I Googled ways to build my Home Business online and I found some Entrepreneurs that had found ways to Successfully attract qualified reps and clients through the Internet….. This is exactly what I needed!

I’ll be honest, learning the Internet side of marketing your business is not easy but it was worth it. I took me about 6 months to get the hang of HOW to make it all work but now that I found my strategy and got committed to making it work, some awesome things are happening.

I am getting more qualified prospects reaching out to me wanting to join my team. Having a good mix of Offline and Online Marketing for the team has BOOSTED our results and as a leader, in this Industry, I believe it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology with Social Media being one of our biggest Networking Assets!


I am so Blessed and Grateful for my Life. I’m 31 years of age and so Free! I have something that most people don’t have…..Time Freedom.  I still work hard (about 2 hours a day) but I love what I do more than anything and I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of it for anything.  I’ve Closed my massage therapy clinic and replaced my income where I had to trade my time for dollars for a residual paycheck that grows bigger each week.

I am Grateful to meet you my New Friend. Join my journey today, and Let me know how I can add value to you!