Lifes journey is all about reaching a certain goal. This can be a goal we set for ourselves or a goal set for us by others. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like the idea of someone setting a goal for me. So throughout my life, I have always sought to find out what things successful people do. I looked at people that have done what I do and also people that have had the same life journey that I have and have achieved a wealthy, healthy, and happy life.

Out of all the things that I came across, 3 of them stood out and these are what I will share with you today. It doesn’t matter what career path you are in, what business you have, or where you are physically or mentally in life. With these three things, you will definitely reach your success.


Why do you do what you do?

This question might sound so simple yet if you ask yourself, you might find yourself scrambling to get an answer. Some of the answers you will give will probably involve what you do or how you do it. But why do you do what you do?

Many people would give a generic answer like, ‘time freedom, financial freedom, travel around the world,’ among other cheap ideas. Your purpose lies in the answer to this question and so does your success. 

By now you can tell that this is not just any question that needs just an answer, but it’s a question that needs to be taken seriously. Any successful person will answer this question with great ease and until you can answer this question, then you still have a long journey ahead.



Any journey that you begin has an end and this applies to everything that we do. 

Kids go to school with a goal that one day they will become something like a pilot, doctor, teacher, businessman… etc. We are constantly setting goals for ourselves but often we set general goals. 

For example, someone’s new year resolutions would include a goal like I want to lose weight this year, or I want to eat healthy this year.

Though these goals sound clear, they are as vague as a politician’s promise.

To have a definite purpose, one must know what exactly they want, why they want it, and when they can achieve what they want. An example of a definite goal would be, ‘ I will lose 25 pounds by July 31st of 2019.’ or ‘ My lunch diet for 2019 will be 10oz of meat 1cup of greens, and a half cup of fruits.’

P.S… For the health gurus out there, the lunch diet is just an example.

Every successful person has a definite goal of what they want to achieve out of every outcome. This is a key step to be successful in anything you do. You always need to have a definite outcome in mind about what you do.


Just as I stated before. Anything that has a beginning has an end to it. The opposite is also true, Anything that has ended had a beginning. 

The stories that show these are all over. Every man-made thing that we see started as an idea. If the inventors would have sat on their ideas and never took any action, then we wouldn’t have cars, planes, light bulbs, phones, computers, internet, facebook,….. the list is endless.

Whatever idea you have, don’t just sit on it. Whenever you start working on your ideas, people might laugh at you or taunt you. Always remember the end goal. No one can see the end goal more clearly than you can so Just Do It.

You are probably thinking that you should do some research first. Though the idea sounds great, often people end up staying on the research phase for longer than they should. Sometimes they talk themselves out of their dreams. I have been there before and once I set my mind to take that risk and put my idea to work, that was the best feeling in the whole universe.


You are in this world to be a success and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. But you must know why you do whatever you do, have a definite purpose to achieve your goals and Must take the risks on the way. If you want to soar like an eagle, you must be able to take the risk and jump.

Don’t sit, don’t wait, and don’t think of it too much, Just do it. You will be glad you did.

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