THE 5 STEPS TO FIND THE RIGHT MLM/ NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY FOR YOU MLM or Multi-Level Marketing is also known as Network Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry used by many companies that intend to sell directly to the consumer by cutting out the middleman. Most of these companies do not use storefronts or regular marketing strategies to sell their products. To find the right MLM company that best suits you, you first have to find out why you need to join this multi-billion dollar a year industry. I bet you are wondering why I joined the industry. Most people will tell you they were seeking time freedom or something generic as financial freedom. Yes these things will come as part of the package in the Network Marketing industry. I joined the Network Marketing industry so that I can help others reach their goals and dreams. I joined the industry because I could see myself helping others improve their quality of life. Picture a world where worries are lifted off your shoulders. A world where you wake up in the morning and chose to do whatever you want to do because you have all the time in the world and all the financial stability you have always wanted. This is the kind of world where you achieve all your dreams and goals just by making new friends daily. As important as it is for me to help others achieve their goals and dreams, I had to find the right  network marketing company. It took me 6 years to find the right company that I believed in their product and services. I found a company that has the same goals and intentions that I have. To help you make your dreams a reality. So how do I find the right MLM company that serves my purpose at the same time make money effortlessly? To answer this question, you must look for five major things. THE 5 MAJOR STEPS TO FIND THE RIGHT NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY FOR YOU ARE;
  1. Age of the company
  2. Company beliefs and community involvement
  3. The products
  4. The people /Teams / Growth potential
  5. The compensation plan
1. AGE OF THE COMPANY The age of the Network Marketing Company you are looking to join is one of the most important things you MUST look at. Research shows that 90% of all Network Marketing companies do not survive their 5th birthday. This is why I highly recommend you look for a company that is at least 10 years old and growing. This means that the company has stood the test of time and its products and services are widely accepted. Investing your time and money in a young company is an enormous gamble. Would you invest your after-tax dollars in a stock that had a 90% chance of failing? Find a company that is solid, stable, at-least 10 years old or older and still GROWING. 2. COMPANY BELIEFS AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT Being in the Network Marketing business means you want success for you and the people that join your team. This is something that must be reflected by the company you want to join. The company must want success for you, this can be shown by providing materials needed for your business growth, training, rewards, and easy access to your leaders. The company you want to join must also be involved in the community. This shows that they are trying to make the surrounding community a better place. 3. THE PRODUCTS A good Network Marketing company is built upon a good Product or Service. If the company has NO PRODUCT or SERVICE then its DEFINITELY a PYRAMID SCHEME. Great Network Marketing companies have Products and Services that deliver the results for which they are intended. This means the customer satisfaction is high. Strong product or service testimonials must be widespread throughout the distributor and customer base. Return rates are low, and the retention of long-term customers is high. A Company like this does not make exaggerated claims or hype their products in a manner that cannot be justified. You’ve got to look for a company with a great product that you believe in. 4. THE PEOPLE / TEAMS / GROWTH POTENTIAL Joining a Network Marketing company means you not only trust the company, but trust the people that introduce you to the company (up-line). When you’re joining a team, you need to meet with the leaders. You need to know if they are legitimate people and also find out how they can bring value to your Network Marketing business. You want to see if the way they’re building it fits your personality or the way they build it is actually what you are passionate about. Many teams build their business traditionally, they would have home parties, hotel meetings, and stuff like that. Some people want to build their business online and want to leverage online strategies. Some companies do not allow the use of online strategies to grow your business. The company might be great but its culture is to build your business offline using traditional strategies. 5. COMPENSATION PLAN This is one of the most important things you should look at because let’s face it, you wouldn’t own a business that doesn’t pay you. I know I enjoy money coming in weekly. Every business has an initial investment. You must look at the legitimacy of the investment you make to join the company and it must be easy to understand and make sense to you before you invest otherwise, you would be throwing money. Next thing you must look at is how the Network Marketing company will compensate you for your product or marketing skills. It was very important for me to find a company that has a SOLID compensation plan. By this I mean, the plan is not based on just my efforts but also on the efforts of my team. Those that joined the company before me and those that will join after me. A good compensation plan means that you will have residual income faster, you can make more money than your up-line, and you can achieve financial and time freedom quicker. CONCLUSION Network Marketing or MLM is a multi-billion dollar industry that always has its doors open to those who seek to reach their dreams sooner. This doesn’t mean that you will wake up tomorrow morning with all the money and time after you join a great company. The key to success in network marketing is GREAT WORK ETHIC, DISCIPLINE, and NEVER QUIT ATTITUDE. With these 3 attributes, you will be very successful in network marketing. TO FIND OUT WHICH NETWORK MARKETING COMPANY I RECOMMEND, CLICK THE BUTTON  BELOW AND FILL THE FORM TO BE PART OF AN AWESOME TEAM !!

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