Do you set Goals? Whether it’s a daily, weekly, monthly or even annual goal?What happens when you pass the finish line? Do you stop? 

Do you sit back and relax?

I hope the answer to that NO!  I have something I need you to read closely. Don’t be satisfied with simply reaching your goals.  Exceed it!


This is proving to be a problem with our society.  We let the society put limitations on who we are, what we do, why we do it, who we do it with.…  ‘Oh, she can’t do that and raise her three kids by herself.’  ‘Nah! he won’t ever reach manager because he didn’t go to college.’  And on and on and on.  We have been trained from an early age that there is a certain standard we MUST accept for our lives. We are told to set goals and that’s it.  CHANGE THE MINDSET!

Some of us want; to get out and stay out of debt, financial freedom, more time with our husband or wife, more time with our children, to travel and still get paid, to retire early. My question to you is How can you achieve a different result doing the same thing you have been doing over and over? Wait…. I will answer that for you. You Can’t!!!  You have to CHANGE YOUR MINDSET TO CHANGE YOUR OUTCOME.

The great thing about Network Marketing is that there are no limitations.   It doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from, whether you are part-time or full-time, or if you are single or married, whether you went to college or not. None of these Matter. Anyone can succeed in this profession as long as they put in the effort.  YOU CAN REACH THE DREAMS YOU DREAM.

So, why would you accept the standard of what other people expect of you?  Exceed everyone’s expectations. Surpass your mind limitations. YOU HAVE UNLIMITED POTENTIAL…. USE IT!  All you have to do is think big!


Think big!!!  If you have a goal of recruiting 5 people in a week, make it 10. Surpass your goal!! If you were planning on bringing 15 people to the next event, bring 30.  Maybe you’ve earned enough income to pay off your house.  Now, see if you can make enough to send your child to college. Maybe you own your dream car, Now see if you can own a private Jet.

What percentage of your potential are you operating at right now?  12%? 30%? 70%? What do you think would happen if you cranked up your effort just 5% or 10%?  You’ll see growth, that’s what will happen!!

Think bigger.  You’ll see more growth, more development, more success when you push past the limitations society places on you.  DON’T SETTLE.  You have the power to go to unbelievable heights. 


So, Dream Big.  Set Higher Goals. Go further than anyone thought possible.

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